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Linc Research, Inc. is an engineering services company specializing in structural engineering, technology transfer, optics technology development and test, software engineering development and test, and programmatic support areas for NASA, DOD and Commercial missions; many of which have led to technology/product IP and a growing hardware development capability. We desire to be problem solvers and innovators of solutions; i.e., the issues that keep you awake at night.
Linc Research is an SBA certified HUBZone small business headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama and has built its foundation on serving: 1) the unique high technology needs of Federal Agencies, and 2) the needs of the community in which we have chosen to work and live

Linc ResearchCapabilities

Linc provides a range of technical and business services, many of which have led to technology/product IP and a growing hardware development capability.

Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Linc supports the modal design and test the dynamic response of large structures. Linc supports 3-D modeling of complex mechanical systems as well as support to the construction of large mechanical systems.

Vibration Mitigation

Linc is co-developer (NASA) of the Disruptive Tuned Mass System, a revolutionary approach to vibration mitigation. Linc is the exclusive licensee for DTM* technology (NASA) and is currently working vibration mitigation in buildings...

Optics Technology Development and Test

Linc is the co-developer with NASA of a Panoramic Refractive Optics (PRO), an IR holographic interferometer for use in testing rocket motors. Linc provides SMEs for the ongoing IXPE program, a new X-Ray optics system under development by NASA.

Engineering, Development & Test

Linc provides a multi-disciplined staff for development of HW and SW.

Software Engineering

Linc supports development of an integrated SW test facility for SLS and provides QA support to ongoing software development.

Flight Technology

Linc provides Program Management and Integration for human flight and science programs.

*Co-patented with NASA. U.S. Patent serial no. 15/471,341. PCT no. PCT/US2017/024478.