Our Leaders

Jeff Lindner

Vice President and Director of Research &Technology

Mr. Lindner was awarded a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering in August 1988 and a Master’s of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering in May 2007 from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Mr. Lindner is currently the Vice President and Director of Research & Technology for Linc Research, Inc. Linc is a Huntsville based company that is also a HUBZone business specializing in vibration control of flight and launch vehicles, optics, technical management, software engineering, and STEM Thought Leadership.

Prior to joining Linc Research, Mr. Lindner was employed by NASA at MSFC for 15 years, Gray Research, Inc. for 6 years and simultaneously served as President of Balance-Certified Golf, Inc. for 13 years.

In the past eight years Mr. Lindner has been instrumental in inventing, developing, implementing and adapting a new way to look at vibration control. He was part of an engineering team at MSFC that developed new technology to solve complex and potentially catastrophic dynamic issues on the Ares I launch vehicle. The team successfully invented, filed new technology reports, filed patent documents, and licenses. Then he led the contractor development of commercial applications and successfully performed the technology adaptation of this MSFC space flight technology to a commercial application. He is now overseeing the installation of that commercial development in a 32 story apartment building in Brooklyn, NY.

He holds multiple patents and has successfully licensed intellectual property. He has received multiple awards from NASA MSFC, most notably the NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal and NASA Patent Award. He has multiple publications in the fields of Structural Dynamics and Optics. Specific areas of experience include: Fluid Structure Coupling, Vibration Mitigation, Structural Dynamic Testing, Linear and Non-linear Dynamics, Panoramic Imaging, Time Average Holographic Interferometry, Segmented Optics, and Business Capitalization.