Why Linc

Who we are?

Since the establishment of Linc Research, a HUBZone company, the desire has been to be problem solvers/innovators of solutions and to be partners in the restoration of circumstantially disadvantaged communities. Linc's workforce consists of accomplished individuals in the research, development, test and evaluation and programmatic support areas for NASA, DOD, and commercial missions.

Linc has experience in technical and business services for flight and technology programs for NASA and DOD; management and support of NASA and DOD technology development programs; development, design, and test for structural applications and flight vehicles; and support of HUBZone communities through initiatives such as STEM for Science Labs and Work Now!

  • Business Professionals

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Optics

  • Electrical/Computer Science

  • Structural

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial

*Employees may carry multiple degrees


Linc Research is a recognized business partner and community leader

2016 NASA MSFC Subcontractor of the Year
Linc and Jacobs Technology were recognized by MSFC as having a successful Mentor-Prot�g� relationship
Linc received two different awards for Superior Supplier Performance from Jacobs
Linc was co-inventor for Marshall Space Flight Center�s 2017 Invention of the Year; Variable Aperture Reciprocating Reed Valve
Linc was the co-winner of the Alabama Launchpad Competition in 2016
Linc co-patented the Disruptive Tuned Mass (DTM)*, Vibration Absorber technology, with NASA MSFC and holds the Exclusive Commercial License for the DTM*.
Exceptional Space Act Award

Meet Our Leadership

Why Choose Us

  • Technology and innovation driven

    Our team of professionals values the importance of new ideas and new technology as a pivotal attribute to our growing succes.

  • We passionately serve our community

    Our team of professionals, through our HUBZone company, have high-impact on the community we work with.

  • Wide range of career growth opportunities

    Our team of professionals has consistantly continued to grow in size and and areas of expertise as we continue pursuing both government and commercial business endeavors.

Technology innovation is not merely about making a product better or the next best marketing idea to increase sales. Disruptive Innovation is about re-inventing processes and/or hardware to accomplish the same objective. The resultant sales are not the goal; the goal is to infuse a whole new way of thinking, problem solving and performing.

-Curtis Taylor, President

*Co-patented with NASA. U.S. Patent serial no. 15/471,341. PCT no. PCT/US2017/024478.