HUBZone Outreach

HUBZone Outreach

"What if community and compassion are more important than power and position?"
- Curtis Taylor

Workforce NOW!

Workforce NOW! (WfN!) is a coalition of businesses and non-profits, designed to empower people in these neighborhoods who want a high tech career representative of high tech HUBZone companies and to provide career visioning for the next generation (working with the next generation will empower students to become the next generation of SMEs). WfN! Is focused on three pillars: Job Skills (mostly tactical), Life Skills (tactical and strategic) and Mentoring (strategic).

SAFE Solutions

Partnering in the planning for a program, called SAFE Solutions, to provide alternative lending options to high interest rate “predatory lending” in conjunction with financial education in these communities.

Space Art Contest

Conducting a 5th Grade Space Art Contest in local Title I elementary schools


Linc, in conjunction with two of our non-profit partners, created a guide on how to build an Elementary school STEM Lab based on a successful STEM Lab at a local Title I school.

Neighborhood Improvements

Since Linc seeks to be agents of change in our neighborhoods we will put into place, as soon as practical, an initiative to empower our HUBZone employees to create concepts to improve conditions on their street; the company will fund the selected concept while the employees will be empowered with these funds to accomplish the improvement working with the neighbors.

Meet Our Leadership

Jeff Lindner

Vice President

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When Being a HUBZone Business is not about Being a “Business”

Written by Curtis Taylor
  • This article explores the unique nature of a HUBZone certified business and how important the mission is to community and a successful HUBZone business. It discusses practices that have, thus far, proven to be helpful for sustainment of the SBA designation. Linc Research is a young company specializing in Vibration Damping for Aerospace and Structures, Technology Adaptability and Transfer for dual/multi use, Optics design and test, Design/Software Engineering and Senior Expertise in Technology Development and Technical Management.
    There are a number of statements about the purpose of a business; in general the purpose has to do with a combination of customers, employees, products and money. I've even heard it said that the purpose of any business is business. But at Linc we approach this in a different way when we look at the HUBZone business category. To be a successful and sustainable HUBZone business you really have to be about the "HUBZone" just as much if not sometimes more than the "Business". Linc does believe that part of the HUBZone outreach is demonstrating a viable business model and the function of capitalism in a free society - so to that extent the “Business” is important. In addition we want people to be able to be all they can and want to be; along with that comes good wages, good benefits, reasonable profits and a chance for all employees to share in the success of the business. It's a delicate balancing act. This balance is not often achieved as the HUBZone Company grows. But does it have to be that way? What if you really live and operate as if the “HUBZone” is truly important? What if community and compassion are more important than power and position? What if taking care of the least of these means that you help people through their career who don't have the same resources and background as you do? What if true religion is taking care of the helpless in your HUBZone neighborhood by mentoring and empowering them through a career path? Below are some thoughts and plans for Linc Research... Read More

HUBZone Partners

We work with the companies that have established a stainless reputation in what they do. They are leaders in various spheres of business, and we appreciate cooperating with them.